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10 tips to stand out this holiday season

Everyone is competing for the same space across social media over the holiday season.

Trying to stand out and reach their audiences, prompting them to act.

So if you're looking to separate your brand from the competition and capture the festive spirit in your social media posts during the holidays, then here are some great tips for you!

  1. Prepare and execute a well-planned holiday campaign with content that suits each platform

  2. Incorporate holiday theme visuals and show off your products

  3. Do a giveaway and share the love

  4. Hold a competition

  5. Run a poll

  6. Use hashtags that are festive , fun and relevant

  7. Try your hand at vlogging

  8. Film a themed video related to your niche

  9. Share a heart-warming story

  10. Hire me to execute tips 1-9

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