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What is a Content Creator?

And do you need one?

Creativity and creating has always been part of my journey.

When I introduce myself as a content creator, people often ask me with a puzzled expression “what does that mean?” .

My explanation, in a nutshell , is that I help business owners, bloggers and individuals grow their online presence through creative content and marketing.

Thankfully the response is usually “ I need someone like that!”.

So what exactly is a content creator?

A content creator is someone who contributes information to any media and especially these days to digital media.

A creative content creator is someone who does that in a #WOW way.

And that’s why I’m here.

Irresistible and engaging content is vital to helping your business stand out.

Social media posts, blog content, email newsletters, infographics, graphic design, business cards…unique, beautifully presented material is the key.

So, do you need a content creator?


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